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The third day of Christmas – Are we a company worth talking to?

Well it’s day three already and, gosh, Christmas is so close! As I sat down to write our third update, it occurred to me that many of you either haven’t see me for a while, or perhaps you haven’t even met me in person yet, plus, there will be more than a few of you reading this that won’t quite be clear on what Infused Learning is and what we do. For example, did you know we are a not for profit social enterprise? This means any money we make, we plough straight back in to improving services to our students and expanding the range of qualifications we offer, it doesn’t go into shareholders’ pockets. Did you also know that we have students across the globe, and that we work for big blue chip, international businesses to help them train and develop all levels of employees?

Then as a contrast, there’s our work with the long term unemployed and people struggling with addictions, helping them to get their life back on track by supporting them with life skills, as well as education. Most of our work is supported distance learning so students have the flexibility to study when, where and how they wish, and, we all know, if you do something on your own terms, you have a much higher chance of succeeding; however, our work on business training tends to lean towards the face to face, going into the company and delivering our training as part of their employee development strategy.

We formed Infused Learning in 2014 and since then we believe we’ve achieved a lot, and our students have achieved even more. We’re are especially proud of the fact that third parties have recognised our achievements and have honoured us through their awards programmes. Because we’re bursting with pride and we’re feeling all warm and fuzzy with that festive feeling, we really want to share these accolades with you, so we apologise if you feel it’s boastful, but we just really want all of you to know that we are working very hard to be the best and that if you, or your company, put your trust in us, we will not disappoint you.

Since our inception, just three years ago, our accolades include being:

  • Finalists in two categories of the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2017 – the Entrepreneur for Good and Start-Up Business Entrepreneur of the Year categories.

  • One of five Finalists for the Best Rural Social Enterprise in the UK-wide Rural Business Awards 2017.

  • One of three Finalists for Nottingham Post Business Women of the Year in the Digital Ambassador category  November 2017

  • One of 20 winners across the UK in the Big Venture Challenge 2016.

  • In the Young Academy 2016, we were one of only 11 winners in the UK.

  • The winner of the Employability Award 2016 at the Inspire Learning Awards (East Midlands).

  • Named the Best Adult Learning Group by Nottinghamshire County Council Adult Learning Services in 2016

  • Listed as number 22 out of 31 Social Enterprises in the UK as ‘the ones to watch and learn from in 2017’  

Thanks to all of you for indulging our pride, and a massive thank you to all our tutors and employees for making Infused Learning the successful enterprise that it is today. Happy Christmas – and we promise to tell you all about our Scholarship Programme on day four of our updates, something else you may not know about us. In July 2017, we launched our Scholarship Programme which offers up to 20 individuals free qualifications each year, a cost to us of around £60,000. You won’t want to miss it – maybe you know someone who could benefit? If you do, find out more, by giving me call on 07763817205 or email me, Tara Askham, at, and I’d be delighted to help.

Tara Askham, Founder and Director of Infused Learning

The 12 days of Christmas!

It’s 12 days before Christmas and we’re going to share a countdown of sorts with you, so look out for an update a day to help inspire you in time for the New Year and your personal development, self-improvement and career-based New Year’s Resolutions…

At Infused Learning we are proud to be able to call ourselves a multi-award-winning organisation. We have exceptionally qualified tutors, incredibly cost-effective courses and qualifications and, thanks to our understanding of our students, it’s a real hotbed of learning and development too! We offer such a range of qualifications (see that it’s hard to pick just one to share with you.

But because it’s Christmas, and because we know that there are so many managers out there that are pushed for time but still want to improve their career prospects, and themselves, that we’ve decided to profile our Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) two day seminar which could see you wa

lk away with a Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management – and with it taking place on 12 & 13 January (in Nottingham), you’ll have gained this career excelling qualification before your boss has even properly recovered from their festive fun!

So why should you consider taking two days of your precious time to break out the books and study at our seminar? Well, the brass tacks of it are, it’ll improve your career prospects – how many of your colleagues have shown the initiative and taken on an internationally-recognised and accredited course like this? And which of them have succeeded? We’ve condensed this course into a mere 14 hours of teaching – no exams, no studying after work for weeks or months, no attending evening lectures when it’s cold and wet, and you’d rather be in the pub – or at the very least finishing off all the work you need to achieve so you can get a decent appraisal.

And talking of appraisals, how much better would it go with an ILM qualification under your belt? You’d get extra points for the initiative of course, and you’d be able to demonstrate the extra skills you have learnt in the workplace, and of course if you’re struggling to find the £629 it costs to attend the two-day course, then why not ask your workplace? Perhaps they’ll chip in for half of it, or even all? And you’ll be on your way to that pay rise, bonus and ‘exceeded’ rating in your next performance review.

To find out more and to have a no obligation chat about the ILM Level 3, or other qualifications, drop me a line at or give me a call on 0115 967 1513.

Christmas wishes


Tara Askham

Director, Infused Learning,